Berkeley, CA Considers Letting Women Go Topless in Public


The city of Berkeley, California is taking interest in changing its nudity laws so that women can walk on the streets topless. “Why?” The readers may ask. It’s for equality amongst the genders. If men are allowed to go out without their shirts on then so should women. It makes perfect sense.

Before the year of 1994 came, it was illegal for anyone to roam the streets naked. When a Cal student showed up to class naked and sat down at his desk, that all changed and thinks would never go back to what they were. Men were then allowed to walk around the city as they pleased while women were not. Today or in the weeks to come, this will change and a new reality will grace us all.

Several women stepped up with the notion to change gender laws and make things more equal. Kriss Worthington commented and said that he didn’t think it was right that men and women had to be subject to two different kinds of laws. Everything should run right down the middle. Since this law has been proposed, people have been talking to him with the hopes that he’ll actually take things a step further and allow people to wear their birthday suits where and whenever they please.

Although not everything adds up as businesses can still refuse to serve anyone with no shoes or shirts, but at this point, why would they?

One wouldn’t be surprised to find out that between cities like Portland and Los Angeles, Berkeley is one of the most liberal nations in the United States. Although I’m certain that this article has made that quite clear.