Ivanka Trump’s Convention Speech

 Ivana Trump’s Convention Speech

Devoting a sizeable part of her speech at the Republican National Convention to talk about the gender pay inequality present in the United States, Ivanka Trump quite smartly and deeply delved into the statistics of the matter. Beginning from where the bulk of discussions about the wide gender wage gap often start, she compared the earnings of both men and women, and noted the obvious – women earn less.

She noted that of the entire United States labor force, women represent about 46 percent of the population, and that female are primarily breadwinners in about 40 percent of households in America. She stated the fact that for every dollar a man earned in 2014, women made just 83 cents. Breaking it down further, she noted that while married women with kids earned a meagre 77 cents to the dollar men earned, single women without kids earned about 94 cents. This visibly highlight the fact that the gap between how much single women earn as against how much men earn, is quite smaller than the gap that exists between the amount of money mothers earn as against the men.

Having successfully established that very important fact and treaded on a resounding line of thought, she transcended the sound bite, and proceeded to talking about the exact reason such discrepancies exist between the different genders and class of gender. She noted that just as various researches have recognized, the gender of the population is actually no longer the main factor responsible for the creation of the greatest wage discrepancy, motherhood actually is.

Judging from the facts fully stated, everyone can quite relate to the message Ivanka was trying to pass. The general idea and line of thought behind her submissions are quite on point. Quite simply, looking at the wage patterns, in order to fully understand the vast wage gap between the genders, motherhood has suddenly become immensely important.

In 2014, Claudia Goldin, a gender wage gap leading researcher, also reiterated the simple fact that women with children generally earn less than women without children. She even went ahead to note that a large literature gives adequate confirmation to the stated fact.

Another study, also in 2014, revealed that with each kid they have, the wages of women decrease by a whopping 6 percent. A while back in 2013, another study also found out that as against other working women, women with kids actually earn between 7 and 14 percent less. In trying to provide a succinct explanation for this disparity, economists have argued that the situation arises due in part to the demands of raising children. They noted that most jobs do not reward or promote workers who are not capable of committing to very long hours at work.

Jane Waldfogel succinctly stated that even as the gender gap becomes smaller over the years, the difference in pay between women without children and those with children is widening. She stated that while women without kids are forging ahead, women with kids have failed to keep up with their pace. According to her, children remain the greatest impediment to economic equality. These were the exact points made by Ivanka in her speech.