Paris Presents a New Taxi Service Specifically For Women


Every country has one thing in common and that comes in the form of Taxis. In every country you can see someone hailing a cab and six times out of ten it will likely be a woman. Recent studies have shown that 60% of taxi passengers are female. The numbers aren’t quite the same when it comes to who’s driving the taxi. In fact seeing a woman driving a taxi is a very rare sight.

One study showed that 86% of all Uber drivers were men. A staggering study that was taken in the UK showed that 98% percent of the countries taxi drivers were men. Paris wasn’t having any of this and decided to create a taxi service that was run by women and aimed exclusively at women. The named of this company is Women Drive.

Women Drive assures that they can take a cab driver without men checking them out and asking them a bunch of questions. The founder, Sarra Boubchir, stated that the goal of Women Drive was to show that the industry of transportation was not aimed solely to men, but also to women. Through her company, she wants to assure women a peaceful ride. Something they can’t always have when a man is driving.

This isn’t any normal old taxi ride either. When a woman rides with this company, she is really in for an experience. Each ride comes with a bottle of water, a make up kit, and a computer tablet in the back seat.

The service is especially tourist friendly. Each driver is required to speak multiple languages and have knowledge on all the hot spots around Paris. What makes Women Drive such a big deal is that it is the first service like this in France. You can find similar services in New York City, London, and Australia.

Beautiful woman stopping a taxi in Paris.