Amsterdam Women to Protest For More Women’s Public Toilets


More than five thousand are set to protest on the streets of Amsterdam this Friday after a woman was fined 95 euros for public urination. Before you judge, take heed that the problem here isn’t with not being able to piss in public, but over the lack of women’s toilets over men’s in the city of Amsterdam.

Back in 2015, twenty three year-old, Geerte Piening was doing what most young people do on the weekends, she went out drinking. As the night came to close, nature began to call and she couldn’t find a toilet anywhere. That said, she ended up in an alley relieving herself as her friends kept watch. It was at that point that three police officers discovered her and gave her a fine for public urination.

At first she wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it, but when she woke up in the morning she recalled looking desperately for a women’s restroom. She found plenty of guys restrooms, but not one for females. It was at that point that she decided to fight the case.

When she went to court the judge of course didn’t take her argument seriously. He said that she should have just used one of the men’s restrooms. Many women were angered by the judge’s response and took the web to demonstrate the ridiculousness and difficulties women would face using the metal urinals. It is nearly impossible for them to be discreet as they do so. The judge agreed with them that there were few places for women to use the restroom, but that his council could do nothing about it. He then compared her offense to that of someone who throws litter on the ground.

Obviously there should be equality it terms of public toilets and this is what the protest on Friday will aim for.