Heroic Women Crash Car in Order to Save Lives

Three women, Suzzette Williams, Angelina Powell, and another woman who decided to remain unidentified, made a rather brave, yet risky decision when they decided to collide with a drunk driver. What makes them heroic is that they did it for the sake of others.

When the three women spotted a car, driven by Brittany Sharp, swerving, speeding, and overall driving erratically on the road, they knew it was up to them to try and stop her. The scene took place in North Fort Meyers, FL. That’s where the drunken 25-year-old began going nuts behind the wheel. And that’s where Suzzette made the decision to start trailing this irresponsible young lady.

Williams was driving her Nissan Sentra and wouldn’t stop the chase. She followed the drunken 25-year-old through every sharp turn and swerve. Her two passengers called the cops and kept them update on the situation. As soon Williams was able surpass Sharp, she slammed on the breaks and let the car plow into her.

Was damage done? Of course, but managed to stop Sharp in her tracks. The police arrived on the scene shortly after and took Sharp to get treatment at the local hospital. Aside from her injuries she was slammed with a number of charges that included driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and careless driver. She will remain in custody without bond until her court date on September 18th.

The police praised the women for their heroic actions, but swayed others from doing the same, saying that is it always better to call the cops and get them the plate numbers rather than risk your own lives.