Women Farmers in South Africa Have Taken to The Streets


If someone feels cornered, attacked or like they aren’t being treated fairly, it won’t take long for them to stand up for themselves and strike back. The women in South Africa did just that after feeling robbed of their rights for too long. It was any women though, it was the farmers. The one’s who produce the goods of the country.

Cape Town, South Africa saw over two hundred women dressed in black and holding signs saying “Stop Labour Rights Violations” take the streets in protest. Other signs read “Demand Better Labour Conditions”, “We Demand Labour Conditions”, “We Demand Toilets In The Vineyards”, “We Want a Living Wage” and “We Are Ready To Take Our Rights.”

The WFP (Women on Farms Project) started this protest after they gave out a survey that demanded that determined that female farm workers were getting royally screwed out of a decent existence.

This survey was made up of 343 questions that go to the root of the matter with farmers in the region. Along with health and sanitation complaints, the survey also exposed that 75% of female farmers weren’t even making the basic minimum wage.72% didn’t have toilets in their working areas and had to settle for using nearby bushes whenever they had to use the restroom.

During the protest many female farmers spoke up about the abuse they suffer. Not only from the system but also from male farmers. One of the women who spoke up was transgender farmer who stated that she gets abuse and harsh treatment every time she goes into work.There were many notable South African women at the protest. Most feel that they will not see any better circumstances until radical change is brought on and the whole system in flipped.