Women in Ireland Protest For Their Abortion Rights


If you were driving down the streets of Dublin last Wednesday and happened to pass by the country’s parliament building, chances are you would have seen a legion of protesting women dressed as handmaids. Seeing a woman, let alone a group of them dressed in white bonnets and red cloaks hasn’t been a common sight in probably a hundred years. What is it that exactly inspired them to do this.

Abortion. The ladies met to discuss the eighth amendment which bans abortion in Ireland. In the great country of Ireland, ending any unwanted pregnancy for any reason is completely illegal. There isn’t one circumstance that makes way for an exception. Women’s reproductive rights in Ireland can only be compared to that of the Handmaid’s Tale, a story that was published back in the mid 1980’s.

The only case in which abortion is legal in Ireland is when having the baby would risk the mother’s life. Beyond that a women doesn’t even have a say in the matter. There is nothing pro-choice about the country at the moment. That’s what sees there women meeting up at the parliament. The want the same opportunities as all the other first world countries out there. It’s no fair that they still have to live by these 19th century laws.

This did take a mildly violent turn when pro-lifers showed up and began hitting some of the protesters with rosary beads. In a country that is considered extremely catholic, something like this was only bound to happen.

This Irish protest on the parliament went on to inspire similar handmaid protest with pro-choicers in the more conservative states in the US. They have popped up in Texas, Washington D.C., New Hampshire and other places.It seems the world is on the rise and taking a stand for its civil and reproductive rights,