Women’s Twitter Boycott


The abuse and harassment against women on social media has been brought to light and scrutinized in recent years. Despite this the assaults are pouring in more than ever. Young woman have had their privacy breached, their lives dissected and their spirits crushed and all for millions to see online. The abuse has led to depression, fear and sometimes even worse case possible, suicide.

That said, women around the world have decided to stand up for a day of protest. They aren’t marching the streets though, these women are boycotting twitter. Sometimes a message is best sent via silence. The boycott was set for last Friday. You and anyone could have joined simply by just keeping off Twitter.

The boycott was set up Kelly Ellis as a way of defending Rose McGowan, the actress who was one of the Harvey Weinstein victims. Once she came clean about the assault she suffered at the hands of Weinstein, she has been a frequent and loud voice online. Speaking volumes about sexual harassment. Although Harvey Weinstein is a major factor when it comes to this boycott, he isn’t the entire reason.

In an odd and unexpected twist, Rose McGowan had her twitter account suspended on Thursday. When questioned why, the company said that she violated their terms of service by tweeting a telephone number. Her supporters on Twitter weren’t having it and lashed out against the company for not enforcing those rules against people using hate speech.

The boycott was a complete success and ever celebrities took part in. We can’t wait to see what happens next. The changes brought on by this boycott can change Twitter forever.

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