Despite Protest, A Mexican Mother Has Been Deported

Dozens upon dozens were protesting for Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos as she was dragged off in a van to the the Phoenix, Arizona immigration office. The thirty six year old mother of two had been living in the US since she was fourteen. Now she is just one of many who has fallen victim to President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

The crackdown is mostly intended for immigrants with criminal backgrounds, sadly a past decision made Rayos sensitive to this crackdown. Back in 2009, Rayos used forged documents to get a job and help provide for her family. She pleaded guilty to this crime and was due to be deported back to Mexico. Thankfully, former president Obama’s policy of leniency toward undocumented immigrants who came here as children allowed her to stay.

Times have sadly changed. In what was supposed to be nothing but an annual check up at the immigration office ended with her being held in custody. She was forced to to cross back into Mexico from Nogales, Arizona. Witness it all was her husband and children who were forced to stand back and watch their mother being driven away in a van.

Her fourteen year old daughter, Jaqueline recalls the sight of her mother being taken away in a van as being heart dropping and unexplainable. Nobody should have to ever live to see their parents being dragged away like that.

Dozens of protesters gathered in the centre to block vehicles from leaving. Many of them were chanter over and over the word “justice”. One man even tied himself to the wheel of van. Amongst the protesters, seven were arrested. The majority were reported by the police as being peaceful, yet if you ask me there is nothing peaceful about a woman being ripped apart from her husband and two children and sent to live in a country she hasn’t been to in over twenty years.

Guadalupe’s lawyer reported that Trump has declared war on immigration and from the looks of it he was right.

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos