Scotland Offering Abortions to Women in Northern Ireland


While most of the western world has stepped out of the shadows of ancient times, still there is Northern Ireland. At the present moment, abortion is still illegal in Ireland. Unless it proves damaging to the mother’s health, there no exceptions for getting an abortion, even when it comes to cases having to do with assault. Young lives can very well be ruined just by being victimized or committing an immature mistake. There are no second chances in Ireland.

In most cases, women with unwanted babies inside of them have had to sneak away to Great Britain and have the abortions there. They wouldn’t get them for free either. They’d have to pay up to have this abortion. This means that if a girl in too young to work and raise money, then she is out of luck.

These times are coming to an end. New regulations have been put in place that will allow women to get abortions in Scotland and they’ll apparently come into play on Monday. Aileen Campbell, the public health minister didn’t only open up this new opportunity for the women of Ireland, but she also talked about the hardships one might face in getting into Scotland.

Here is what she said: “Abortion can be an emotive subject – however, I am proud this government is working hard to ensure women are always able to access clinically safe services.That’s why we have taken action to ensure that women from Northern Ireland can freely access abortion services through NHS Scotland. I also recognize the barriers that women from Northern Ireland face when they have to travel to access abortion services which is why we are exploring what more we can do to address them.”

This is a huge step for Ireland. Abortion has always been a touchy subject in the country. When it was brought up last year, the topic was faced with aggression from anti-abortion activist. After that happened, Great Britain decided to give free abortions to citizen