South Africa’s March Against The Abuse of Women

With levels of violence against women on an increase in South Africa, thousands have taken to Pretoria, the capital city to march against the abuse of women and children. The country has one of the highest percentages of sexual violence against women in the world. It’s time for men to take the collective responsibility for what’s been going on and join women in the march for their right to live without the constant fear of being attacked.

In 2016 alone, police have shown that their were over sixty four thousand cases of violence against women and children. The case numbers in 2017 continue with this trend. Already there has been a series of disturbing murders committed against women and children. The situation was described by their president as being a crisis.

The protesters were seen on this weekend all rallying up behind a woman who was dressed in all white and had white face paint on. The attire was symbolic. Behind her were thousands of protest holding up signs of women and children’s names who had been victimized.

Up until now this has been an issue that South Africa has been quietly sweeping under the rug. It was reported that when someone would hear a woman or child scream at night, they’d turn around and go to bed despite knowing something horrible was probably going on.

As a sign of solidarity, the president paid a visit to the family of a three year old girl who was raped and murdered. Courtney Pieters went missing from her home in Cape Town earlier this month. The toddler was found days later buried in a shallow grave.

We can rest assured now that this issue is finally being brought to light. The president has called for a nation wide debate on the matter.