5 Signs Your Relationship is Toxic

A relationship can only go one of two ways. Good or bad. Many people despite constant arguments and nights of anguish tend to hold on to long standing relationships, one that can overall send your life into a complete tailspin and effect you in several different manners. Many you don’t know where you stand, don’t despair we have a guide for you.

Nothing You Do is Good Enough
If your partner is constantly making you feel like nothing you do measures up, that’s a clear sign to get out. If they often mock you and belittle your interest you’re in a heap of trouble. You’re with someone who clearly doesn’t respect your appreciate you as a person. You have plenty of talents and keen personality traits but they don’t see and with every insult they’re leading your further from recognizing it yourself.

It’s All About Them
It takes two to tango and the last thing you want is a partner who is self obsessed and doesn’t show any regard for your stance. You’re feelings wills always come second if they’re regarded at all, your opinions will mean nothing and you will basically live to please and comfort them through their journey.

You Don’t Enjoy Yourself With Them
This person is just always making your angry and no matter what you do you can’t find a connection. This person will make a trip to Rome an absolute wreck. This a sign that your relationship has sailed and hit the rocks.

You Can’t Be Yourself With Him
You truly feel that you cannot be yourself with this guy. Speaking your mind will only be met with awkwardness or anger. You have be an actress and be a fictional version of yourself around them otherwise hell will break loose.

You Can’t Grow or Change
Whenever you try to grow or change, you’ll be faced with mockery and disbelief. They just won’t support you making healthy or new decisions. The won’t back up your efforts. They want to keep you on a leash. If you find yourself in a relationship like this, do yourself a favor and get out. You’re worth so much more.