Taking to Twitter at his me-time, and dishing out parodic (or controversial) tweets on a regular basis on what many would specifically refer to as annoying advices that look to reverse gender roles, as they are what you would expect to be given to women, The Man Who Has It All tells dads how they can sufficiently “have it all.”

Obviously a working man, the anonymous man tweets, on a daily basis, nuggets of advice, directed towards all men joggling fatherhood with a successful career. But as he has proved to be a very big hit on Twitter, he wouldn’t have garnered such attention and following if all he had said didn’t have a certain degree of relation to life, just as it wouldn’t have been so funny otherwise.

On has to actually wonder how no one has ever asked one of the most important questions ever – “How do men actually do it?” Really, with a hair to make perfect, children to look after, and a successful career to keep on track, why hasn’t anyone ever been curious about how men, yes, men, juggle it all, remain sane, and maintain the precious balance between life and work? Why have people rarely talked about this type of things? It is therefore easy to see why The Man Who Has It All’s parody twitter account seems to be hitting lots of nerves.

With 107k followers, the anonymous man makes himself a model for working men, and advices them on how to successfully juggle fatherhood and a successful career, presumably, as he himself has figured it all out. By adequately flipping the genders, he instantly makes it obvious how ludicrous and ridiculous some of the tips and advices most lifestyle blogs and women’s magazine offer.

Highlighting the inherent sexism underlining various statements that have so often been made to support women, the man who has it all with his tweets shows how those statements would never have been uttered as a sort of appreciation to a man.

“Congratulations to all male EU leaders for getting there in merit alone. Very well done all of you.”

Yes, it becomes ridiculous when he switches gender related comments like this.

Now, it gets even more interesting, and if I might add, absurd and ludicrous, (and often times, this is what he does best) when he decides to twist comments some women make regarding their husbands.

“My wife is very much a ‘hands-on mum’. I’m so lucky. She’s really good with them. She even changed their nappies when they were little.”

“Does your wife help out with the kids? You are very lucky. Blessed and charmed. I’m lucky, my wife once put some toast in for them.”

The Man Who Has It All once declared that if he could help just a man stay hydrated, that he would be a very happy man. Maybe it is far beyond the satire and parody, maybe, just maybe this Twitter account could one day encourage one father to up his ante in childcare. Well, or maybe we’ll just keep laughing at his ridiculous comments.