Women ReBOOT Turns Things Around For Women in The Workplace


There seems to be a huge lack of women working within the new wave of technology. Why is that? It seems women are more likely to take a break for maternity leave, childcare, and issues within the family. This can often cause a lot of problems when it comes to returning to the workplace. A survey in London showed that 70% of professional women fear taking a career break due to cuts in salary and failure to keep up with advancements in skills.

Though all isn’t hopeless and appears women aren’t about to leave other women behind. At least not with the new program called Women ReBOOT. This program was made with the goal of helping women who are returning to work in the IT field after a significant work break. Women ReBOOT is there to help women put their lives back on track.

Through a number helpful seminars, coaching, mentoring, and in-company work experiences, women will leave Women ReBOOT with updated skills, fresh CVs, and sparkling confidence. The program has already worked up quite a name for itself in England and Ireland and has proved to be a raving success.

Women ReBoot is supported by over twenty major companies including Google, Microsoft, Accenture, and MasterCard. That said, it’s plain to see that many have been feeling the need for a program just like this one.

As of today they have two main classes. One in Cork and one in Dublin. Both will start registration for a new term in October. Although location wise it does seem limited at the moment, with concerns of women getting their fair share in the workplace rising, we can expect Women ReBOOT to flourish and spread.