18 Late Night Comedians and Their Significant Others

Comedians seem to be quite intense. When they are happy they roll down to the floor laughing and when they’re mad they’ll let the whole world know about it – without filters. These comedians significant others seem to have quite an interesting life, being on the behind-the-scenes of a comedy show 24/7. But is this really the case? Is being the significant other of a comedian as what it seems?

From loyal family men to eternal bachelors, let’s take a peek into the lives of late-night comedians and the men and the significant others cheering for them on the sidelines.

1. Stephen Colbert
Stephen Tyrone Colbert was born on May 23, 1964. He’d been in show business since 1984 and had been hosting the Late Show since 2015. He’s not just a funny man though, he’s also an actor, writer, and in a similar vein with his peers, political critic/news satirist. Stephen was dating someone else when he met his wife. They bumped into each other during the 1990 Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina – in their hometown. The irony was that they actually lived close to each other as they were growing up and they never met even once! But for Stephen, it didn’t matter because he was hit with love at the first sight of “Evie”.