Have Two Brothers Cracked the 220-Year-Old Oak Island Mystery?

For over two hundred years, Oak Island has grasped the attention of explorers from all corners the globe. Why? It could have something to do with the hidden treasure on the island and the promises of being filthy rich if it is ever found. Over the past two centuries the lust for wealth has driven many money hungry individuals to death, insanity, hopelessness and even poverty. It has even been rumored that the island required seven deaths before it’s treasure could be found. This rumor didn’t sway the Lagina brothers from risking it all on an adventure beyond all bounds.

The story starts back in 1795. That’s when Rick Lagina, who was only six at the time, picked up a copy of the Reader’s Digest. In that issue was an article that would change his life forever. The article was about Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada and the 220-year-old mystery behind it. The article spoke of a treasure hidden deep under the ground there. This is enough to get any eleven year-old’s attention.