Chinese Billionaire Offering $180 Million to Whoever Marries His Daughter

Chinese Billionaire Offering Daughter for $180 Million

Whoever marries this girl will leave no doubt as to whether or not it was for love or money. A Chinese billionaire has been offering big bucks to whoever is willing to marry his not so straight daughter.

Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao has it all. Known for his development of luxury apartment complexes in his home city of Hong Kong, and for his expensive and lavish filmmaking, the Chinese entrepreneur had everything he could hope for, but one thing. He wanted his only daughter to live a normal life in a normal marriage. But that was not to be since daughter Gigi has other tastes, being gay. So now he is ready to pay a man $180 million to marry her and make her “straight.” Doesn’t seem like he will have to wait long to get a response to this offer. And anyway, she looks pretty cute.