Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Airports

The Airport is often considered one of the most interesting places on earth where passengers are either too busy saying goodbye to their loved ones or too anxious to miss their flight. There’s hardly any time for jokes or pranks, right? Wrong. Today we have decided to take you on a hilarious journey of the funniest airport moments ever captured on camera. So ladies and gentlemen put on your seatbelts, grab some snacks and put your seat in an upright position because we are about to take off on one hell of laughter ride and we need you to stay safe in case of any turbulence on the plane.

Welcome Home Honey!

When your charm isn’t working on any of the ladies at the bar, it’s time to take your flirting game up a notch and hit the airport in hopes of picking up a stranger with a sign that reads “SMOKING HOT ITALIAN CHICK”. This guy obviously knows how to make a good joke as he dressed up to pick up his Italian girlfriend from the airport with this sign in his hand. His chauffeur outfit could fool anyone into believing that he is the next Frank Martin in the Transporter film series. We wonder how his girlfriend reacted to this.