Iranian Women Banned From Attending Football Game


Women have come together outside of Azadi Stadium in Tehran, Iran to protest them not being allowed to see the game despite having tickets. After showing passports, Syrian women went in without any problem but the Iranian locals were turned away. There was no notice that this would happen and woman were fully able to buy tickets, just not allowed inside. There was even an option for women’s tickets on the website.

According to Iran’s Football Federation, this was all a mistake and they were never supposed to allow women to buy tickets to begin with. They apologized for the inconvenience and offered the women a refund.

Yet this wasn’t good enough for some and they decided to try to sneak into the stadium. Most of the women who tried this were caught and there tickets were taken away from them. It was a move that would stop them from getting their refund. Iranian women weren’t alone in their sorrow over the matter. Police working the event were visibly sad by this treatment and so were the announcers at the game who said it was sad to see women from other countries watch the game but no locals.

Although the story wasn’t the same for all women. Some were granted permission to see the game if they had asked beforehand. Of course this was a privilege given to only the upper class. The average citizen could not make this request.

Iran wasn’t always like this. There was a time when women and men lived equally in their society. Things only changed after the 1979 revolution. Since then women have not been allowed to attend sporting events. Despite calls for change and protest against the government, this have remained largely the same. It looks like there will be no changes anytime soon for the women of Iran.