Story Of Missing Soldier’s Capture And Rescue In Iraq

The year was 2003 and the media was swarming with news on Jessica Lynch. Worldwide, headlines hot off the press were all showing her name and her picture. Why? Because of the heroism this woman displayed during the Iraq War. Those headlines didn’t speak the complete truth and perhaps the most brave thing Jessica ever did was tell the truth about what really happened during that chaotic scene. It’s time you heard the complete Jessica Lynch story.

To fully understand Jessica Lynch, you need to start at the beginning. She was born in Palestine, West Virginia in 1983. True, Jessica would be known worldwide for being a hero in 2003, but before that she was just a small town girl with huge dreams. She wanted to travel across the world, have an impact of people and bring to light a positive change. She has been quoted in an interview saying: “I wanted to improve my life and not just be there in Palestine forever. I wanted to get out and do something,”