Years Later, Cher Finally Confirms the Rumors

She is certainly one of the greatest icons from the 60s, and has remained a superstar since that time with a series of infamous relationships and a slew of rumors following her, as the “Believe” diva, Cher, continues to draw on the world’s attentions.

Yes She Dated Tom Cruise

It took over twenty years but Cher finally confirmed that she had dated Tom Cruise back in the 80s when he was a rising star of 23 and she was at 39, old enough to be his mother. She also admitted that she had a thing for the Mission Impossible icon. At the time, Cher was looking great and Tom still had his baby face and looked more like 18 than 23. He probably got carded at the clubs they visited. But that’s okay. He could always say that he had his mom along with him.