Gadgets For Gals


Life can be really tough sometimes. You’ll out and about and your phone will die, you’ll look for your charger but you no matter how deep you dig into your bag, you just can’t find it. Sometimes isn’t even about chargers, but keys and change. Maybe you’re sitting down and wishing that someone would do something about this. Make an invent something that will make life a lot easier. Worry no more ladies, your wishes have been granted.

The Everpurse

Meet the ever purse. This great invention goes for about 200-300 bucks, but believe me when I say that’s completely worth it. With this purse, you can kiss the days of bringing a long tangly charger with you everywhere you go. This bag isn’t only stylish and organized, but it also works as a charger as well as bag.

Jackery Mini Portable Charger

This baby may not look like much, but it packs enough power to keep your phone charged for fifty hours. It isn’t heavy either. Not convince, get a load of it’s size, this think is the size of lipstick tube. The most beautiful thing about this charger is that it is only thirty dollars.

Ogio Hampton’s Tote Bag

Now this tote bag may not be charging phones like the Everpurse, but it does have an array of slots and pockets that will keep you tech savvy when on the go. This bag can carry your laptop, tablet, phone, pens, chargers and all the things a regular purse carries and it will keep them organized. It cost less than a hundred dollars to.

For a better look you can find these items of Amazon, EBay and a number of websites. Once you get a hold of these amazing product there won’t be any turning around and going back to the basics.