More Gadgets for Gals


Technology isn’t always fashionable. It’s often brilliant but it just doesn’t go good with your newest gown. What’s a girl to do? You want to walk down the street and listen to your jam, but those big bulky headphone really ruin your style. Worry no more, ladies. These companies are now producing technologies that aren’t only amazing and fabulous. You’ll never have to worry about some bulky piece of technology cramping your style again.

Scottevest Clothing

Scottevest Clothing is doing what many companies should have done years ago and that’s make female clothing that looks good and is compatible with the latest technologies. No longer will you have to show your phone into your back pocket or have no place to put your Ipod, not with Scottevest. Each article of clothing comes with at least ten to twenty hidden pockets. You can put to rest the days of lugging a big bag around.

Headphones for Her: Koss Fit Series Earbuds

These headphones were designed for ladies by ladies. Forget about walking around with huge headphones wrapped around your head. Now you can jam out in style. They come in a standard version, or a flipclip version that clips to your ear and holds the buds in place. These little headphones are lighter than the conventional headphones you get at your local stores and they come in a variety of colors and designs.


Purses can be an absolute mess, yet they keep all the essential right by where ya need them. At your side. Things can get all mixed around in there and you can be stuck looking for your keys for hours. Maybe you need some spare change or a tube of lipstck. Stick in the Stick-N-Fit and exactly what you need in a second.