Grace Hill Women’s Business Center Opens Doors for Women


Porscha Anderson’s success didn’t exactly start with New Directions Financial Solutions, but rather a small business called A Style of Her Own. Located at the Soulard Market, her little stand sold a number of homemade fashions. That first business inspired her to want to expand. Yet, it was almost immediately after being inspired that she learned she had a bad credit score.

Being set back, Anderson was able to raise her credit score a couple hundred points in the short time of 18 months. For some, this would be impossible. Anderson was able to do this by using a number of strategies. It was after this year and half struggle that Anderson was inspired to start a new business, one that was very different from her original idea. She would open up a business that would assist people in accomplishing their goals despite having a low credit score.

She turned that dream into a reality and today she is the CEO and founder of New Directions Financial Solutions. It’s a financial firm that help clients get up from financial blunder. She didn’t exactly reach this success on her own, in fact her story is one out of hundreds that are likewise. Her and many women got their held from Grace Hill Women’s Business Center in St. Louis.

It is their goal to see that women achieve their dreams despite the drawbacks. They even equip the young woman with the tools and knowledge needed to make their journey a success. This knowledge is garnered in their sixteen week business development course. It specifically helps women of color who want to start or have recently started a business. It turns a novice into an absolute expert.

The course meets four nights a week for three hours. One of the best assets of this program is that it puts you in touch with a network of other business owners. One can only imagine the partnerships that rise from such a course.