Jobs Where Women Make More Then Men


Equal Pay Day is a day that shines a light on the pay gap between female and male workers. The date symbolizes how far into the next year a woman has work to make as much as a man. That said, Instead of focusing on what women aren’t making, we’re going to present you with an array of jobs where women excel and make more than the men of the same field. Going through these you may just find your future career path.

Ranchers, Farmers and Agricultural Managers

When it comes to making this world go round with fruits, veggies and grain, women are raking in more money than men. When it comes to operating a farm, women just seem to produce more than men. Studies show that the average man in the field earns weekly median salary of $963 and women make a weekly median salary of $1,114.

Medical Assistants

When it comes to performing administrative medical duties, women excel far beyond their male counterparts. The duties of medical assistant include filing patient records, greeting patients, answering phones, scheduling appointments and basically making the doctor’s office run. Female medical assistants make a weekly median of $597 while male medical assistants make $550.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Today electronics almost completely run our world. Even toasters have wifi signals and even currency will so be exchanged electronically.  Surely the people who develop and engineer they electronic systems play a huge role in our society. Women in this field are actually paid higher than men. A female’s weekly median is roughly $1,901 and a males is $1,772.

Construction Laborers

Although it is a field ruled highly by men, the women who managed to excel in this job actually make more money than men. Women get a month median of $802, while men make a little less.