Wsquare: The Perfect Work Space for Women


Wsquare might just be the perfect place for women who need to get some work done. It’s a co-working space in Chennai, India that is designed exclusively for women. Its main purpose is to give female entrepreneurs and professionals a place to work that is free of office politics and domestic chores. It can be hard to get some much needed work done when you’re in a packed coffee house.

Since its launch in March of 2017, Wsquare has grown to include a lot of services to help out their clients. These include home cooked meals, grocery delivery services and creches. It goes far beyond that though, Wquare also holds a number of workshops that range from everything to yoga, life-coaching, social media and branding.

As of today, the company has space for about thirty women. They have the usual coffee and Wifi connection available to them, but so much more. They have private work spaces, a conference room that can seat up to 25 people, small meeting rooms an outdoor patio and lounge. They even have chair made just for pregnant women.

The city of Chennai has Vandhana Ramanathan and Jinal Patel to thank for this amazing work space. It all started when the two were working together to open up a marketing agency. They found themselves working out of a coffee shop on a daily basis. As their business began to grow they realized that they needed an office space. This is when the idea struck them. Two years later and we have Wsquare.

Since it’s creation, Jinal states that over 50 women register a month. This goes to show just how much women are starting to have an impact on the workforce in India. Currently, 13% of all businesses in India are ran by woman. This is a huge jump from ten years ago and we can only expect to see more in the future.