5 Inspiring Women Fighting For Women


It is a noteworthy fact that there are women across the world who continuously champion in doing extraordinary things for other women.  In the aim of empowering their roles as strong, smart and confident people, let’s celebrate these inspiring women leaders who are not giving up their big fight for women.


Zahra’ Langhi

A Libyan gender specialist and political activist, Zahra’ Langhi is a strong supporter of women’s equality and human rights.  As the co-founder and director of the Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace, Langhi campaigns for the important role of females in promoting peace.  She has teamed up with UN Women to empower women in peace building in post-revolutionary Libya.

Pauline Tangiora

A Māori elder from New Zealand, Pauline Tangiora is known for her peace advocacies.  Serving as the vice president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Tangiora has affiliated with several organizations in promoting peace and respect to the indigenous community.


Germaine Greer

Greer was hailed as one of the most influential feminists in the later part of the 20th century. The Australian writer was credited for her international book ‘The Female Eunuch’ thanks to its unconventional approach on feminism.  Instead of fighting for gender equality, Greer campaigns for women liberation through her write-ups and speeches.

Mu Sochua

Mu Sochua is a political figure in Cambodia who has long fought for women’s rights and human trafficking. One of her remarkable contributions in women empowerment was her popular role in mobilizing 12,000 women candidates to run for local elections.  Sochua is a recipient of many leadership recognitions like the Elise and Walter A. Haas International award and the Eleanor Roosevelt award.


Sarah Hesterman

Sarah Hesterman is the founder of Girl Up in Qatar, an organization that works with the UN to offer education to young girls from developing countries and to encourage these students to pursue their dreams. By providing academic opportunity, Hesterman believes that this young female generation will become great leaders of their countries in the future.