Female Entrepreneurs are About to Bloom Across Union County


If you’re a woman and looking to start your own business, Union County, New Jersey might be the perfect place for you. It’s in Union County that women business owners will find themselves eligible for a bundle of discounted loans. Who is exactly the one offering these loans? It is the Union County Economic Development Corporation. It is via a grant from the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program that this is possible. This program is even supported by Bank of America.

Bruce H. Bergen, the Freeholder Chairman came forward with a statement saying, “With this generous grant from The Tory Burch Foundation, the pathway to success is open to more women. The Freeholder Board is proud to support UCEDC and its mission of helping small businesses grows and thrive in Union County.”

Many people came forward to show their praise of the loan. Freeholder, Jane Kowalski said, “Women in Union County contribute a rich diversity of skills and talents to the Union County community. The loan program is a good opportunity to increase the entrepreneurial impact of women and foster innovation, too.”

This program is really changing lives within the community. The Tory Burch partnership is taking the entrepreneurial dreams of many women and turning them into a reality. It has made a huge difference in Union County. This grant allows the UCEDC to offer a two point discount on loans up to $50,000. It is only for the ladies though, men cannot get in on any of that discount.

If this has captured your interest, you can log onto UCEDC’s website and check out their Pre-Qualification Application. If you aren’t internet savvy, you can just ring the UCEDC loan officer at 908-527-1166. Something tells me that me can expect way more businesses ran by women in the future.