Female Superheroes Help Girls Envision Themselves as Leaders, Study Says


Female superheroes are great influencers especially to young girls.  

A recent study from the Women’s Media Center and BBC America reveals that girls view themselves as leaders when they watch women portray superhero roles in movies and TV shows. The study, entitled Superpowering Girls, was made in  collaboration with BBC America, which has pronounced successful female-centered shows like “Doctor Who” and  “Killing Eve.” Girls aged 10 to 19 who participated in the study said that only a few “female role models” or “strong female characters” are seen on films and television shows and that they don’t feel “brave” and “confident” with themselves.

This confidence gap changed when they see women portray superhero and other science fiction characters on TV and movies.  These female superheroes helped them “believe they can achieve anything they put their mind to.” One of the most celebrated female superheroes is “Wonder Woman,” the first female-led solo movie played by Gal Gadot and helmed by Patty Jenkins.

Seeing themselves represented in superhero roles help them identify themselves as authentic, strong, smart, motivated, beautiful, independent and brave.  As such, it is important to invest in female-led programs and movies that will empower girls and women to pursue their passion and not be afraid of leading a team in making positive changes in the world.