#Me Too, Harvey Weinstein and Change


The past couple weeks have been extremely controversial, especially in Hollywood. One of their biggest producers, Harvey Weinstein exposed to the world as a man who has harassed and assaulted hundred of women in the world of show business. One would rightfully assume that nothing good could come out of something like this. They were wrong.

For over twenty years Harvey Weinstein had been assaulting women and getting away from it. Most feared that he would damage their careers if they opened up about it. One woman didn’t care if it did damage, she wanted justice and she wanted this pig to be put away. Her name was Rose McGowan. She turned him in and it sparked a sensation.

Amidst the Harvey Weinstein scandal hundred of women in Hollywood and millions around the world have stood up for change. This didn’t result in protest, it simply resulted in millions taking to Twitter and hash tagging “#Me Too”. It was done as a way to raise awareness to the struggle that women face everyday and all through life. The struggle of being harassed of having men make passes at them and make them feel dreadfully uncomfortable.

Stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence have all come forward with stories of the abuse they received in Hollywood. The tides are turning and things will definitely need to change in the industry. This isn’t 1932, woman cannot be bought and sold promises.

This doesn’t end well for the disgraced movie producer, Harvey Weinstein. He has since lost his spot as a producer in Hollywood, has been publicly shamed and divorced by his wife. He had definitely produced his last picture. Now we can start seeing the changes that we’ve been waiting for. It is important to go out there and let your voice be heard.