How to Help Survivors of Sexual Assault


Sexual assault is an endless social issue as women from various countries silently and loudly present their harrowing cases of sexual violence.  Sadly, such traumatic experience never received so much empathy and attention. Think of Donald Trump’s public mocking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a hurtful response from a world leader to a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted.


No matter the gravity of disgrace, we can support the survivors and lift each other by showing kindness and respect.  They don’t need false judgments especially from people who don’t know the real story-their dark stories.


Donate to RAINN

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAIN), the nation’s biggest organization on anti-sexual violence is affiliated with over a thousand of local service providers to help victims of sexual violence and to prevent it from happening over and over.  With your donation and call to report a sexual abuse experienced by a peer or a family member, you are one step away from making this world a better and safer place to sexual assault survivors.


Attend a rally

One way of showing great support to survivors of sexual abuse is to attend a rally.  Your presence means a lot as it gives them strength and assurance that they have people who believe in them and will fight with them to get the justice that they deserve.  


Teach your children about body safety

As parents, we have the power to educate our kids about body safety rules and consent.  In teaching them that their bodies are their own and no one has the right to touch them without their and our consent, they will be more cautious and will have a better comprehension of sexual assault.  More so, let’s reassure our children that we will listen to their concerns and we will support them no matter what.