Meet the Twins Who Are Calling out for More Women in the World of Cybersecurity


Twin sisters Negar and  Noushin Shabab are encouraging women to join the challenging and fun world of technology.  


They started using computers when they were 11-years-old.  From there, they pursued their interest in computer programming that resulted in various recognitions and went as far as helping younger students with their work.


Negar and  Noushin did not have a hard time finding jobs following their graduation.  The twins were hired by the same company as malware analysts.


“For us, it’s always been about problem-solving. With our current roles, the need to think creatively and differently becomes second nature. But the skill which lies behind that is persistence,” they said.


Aside from problem-solving skills, the twins explained that teamwork and creativity are crucial in solving the day-to-day tasks of their exciting job. They said that getting support from various perspectives expedite the process and teach them new skills in different cases.


Despite the sophisticated demands of their job, they enjoy working in cybersecurity as the “diversity of the role keeps” them “interested and excited.”


The cybersecurity experts’ twins are members of the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN), which goal is to “support women in the Australian security industry.”


As such, Negar and  Noushin want to inspire and persuade women to seek careers in cybersecurity. Although the industry is dominated by men, the twin sisters said that women are treated with utmost respect and are greatly recognized with their significant contributions.


Noushin, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab and Negar, an application security at PS&C Group are actively advocating for women in the world of technology.