Saudi Women Calling Out Their Govenment


Female Scholars in Saudi Arabia seem to have the crowned prince, Mohammed bin Salman all figured out. They have come to figure that his ease on the country’s female population has little to do with his care for the women, but more about looking good in the eyes of the Western Civilization. The reform is all for an international audience and the women in the country are actually suffering more than ever.

According to female rights activist, the prince has been cracking down harshly on the women who called for the changes he permitted. They have welcomed the change when it comes to allowing women to drive, but they still want to end the guardianship laws. This is the main law that stands against the women of Saudi Arabia.

“The government is trying to portray itself as reformist by tackling certain things that are visible to their outside patrons.They need international businesses to recognise the leadership of Saudi Arabia as a reformer in order to show that they are not discriminating against women and are reforming their competitiveness.But they are trying to pick and choose those kinds of reforms that they know will make a high impact on the international media and their allies, while at the same time silencing anyone within Saudi Arabia for demanding those reforms.” Hala Aldosari said to Al Jazeera.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been fighting for their right to drive for nearly thirty years. With that no granted, it’s time to shoot for the next highest thing. They need to remove the guardianship law and rid the barriers that prevent women from working. What’s worrying the activist is that with every reform they usually silence the activist who called for that reform so that they could control it. It looks like Saudi Arabia has a long way to go.