Takum Women Striking Back Against Military Abuse



In Takum, Taraba State on Friday hundred of women gathered together to peacefully protest the end of military harassment and herdsmen killing that has taken over their region as of recently. This protest began only 12 hours after the army decided to probe panel and investigate General T.Y. Danjuma’s accusations against the military state.

The protest saw the women march through the major streets of Takum. They carried signs that read statements such as, “Stop harassing our people”, We are tired of intimidation” and “We want to sleep with our eyes closed.”

The protesting women marched as far as the entrance of the 98 Battalion and blocked its entrance. They then demanded to speak to the commanding officer. He did not show up to face the women unfortunately.

The leaders of the protest was a woman named Esther Yakubu. She spoke with the media and told them that the women were fed up with the killings going on and the half-hearted way the government was dealing with the situation. She further stated that army personnel involved in the Exercise Ayem Akpatuma would spend their time harassing people while soldiers would take to the fields and slaughter farmers with military weapons.

Esther gave a full statement on the situation at hand. It is more shocking than one can easily imagine. “Last night, the army arrested our youths and we don’t know their whereabouts. We learnt that they are with them (the army) in the barracks and that is why we are here to seek their release. Those killing us are in the bush. We want the army to go and disarm them to enable us to go back to farm because the rain is here. Most of our people are peasant farmers and they depend on farming to make a living.”