These Successful Female Entrepreneurs Prove That Age Is Just a Number


Apparently, when you set your eyes on the prize, your goal should start as early as possible as time is of the essence.  However, for these female entrepreneurs who reached global success, age is just a number.

Martha Stewart

Did you know that Martha Stewart builds her empire at a later age?  She was 56 years old when she created the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company that features her many business ventures.  Since then, the media mogul enjoyed a roaring success as she diversified in various industries such as TV, wine, and radio. With zeal in everything that she does, we won’t be surprised if her net worth of $300 million will still go up.


Vera Wang

It took designing her very own wedding gown to inspire her to open her first boutique.  New York-based fashion designer Vera Wang became an independent bridal wear designer at the age of 40 and continues to make waves across the globe with her stunning wedding gowns.  Aside from her trademark bridal wear, she also extended her designs in homeware, fragrance, and shoes. Her 17 years of work experience in Vogue has a meaningful mark in her supreme success.

Robin Chase

The co-founder and CEO of car-sharing company Zipcar set up her own company when she was 41.  Chase became one of the world’s richest women when Zipcar was sold in 2013 for $500 million. At present, the transportation entrepreneur  continues to create and advise startups. She co-founded Veniam, a tech startup that focuses on creating Wifi mesh networks on taxis and buses.