These Young Women Continue to Rock the Global Stage


The diversity of women spans massive roles- from a creative writer to a proficient actress, women, no matter the age and impact on the society continue to contribute to a global change.  While there are countless women who have meaningful involvements in various industries, we decided to feature the younger generation whose stories are highly anticipated to mark bigger changes.

Sandra Uwiringiyimana

Sandra Uwiringiyimana penned her firsthand experience of the tragic massacre in Burundi through her book, How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child. The author/activist is an advocate of sharing stories that were left unheard and has created an organization that provides financial and training support for women in Congo. “The way for Congo to progress is through women, from the bottom up. A lot of times they get left out.”  During the Women in the World Summit, she shared the stage along inspiring women like Angelina Jolie, Tina Brown and former secretary of state Madeleine Albright.

KiKi Layne

“There was so much work that went into preparing me to receive this [Beale Street] opportunity. It takes all of the work plus believing that you are good enough and you are worthy,” Kiki Layne said about her lead role in Barry Jenkins’s latest drama film If Beale Street Could Talk.  The 26-year-old Cincinnati native was keen in sharpening her acting skills as she engrossed herself in studying acting and theater in Chicago.

Sophie Turner

We all know her as Sansa Stark of the epic Game of Thrones.  Despite the mainstream success that the 22-year-old embraces for years,  Sophie Turner chose not to be complacent and prefers to expand her ventures and take the risks that come along.  With happiness and mental health as her main focus, she reminded her fans with a powerful note: “If you are struggling: People love you, people care for you, and most importantly, people believe and recognize the problems that you’re facing.”

Dakota Fanning

Earning critical acclaim in the movie industry at a young age of seven, Dakota Fanning continues to wow her audience and colleagues.  Impressively, the 24-year-old has a full plate in the small and big screens yet she has set a dedicated time in the charity Save the Children. “They do a lot of work in early education for children, especially for girls around the world. I’ve put my energy into that and it’s been really nice,” Fanning said.

Madeline Brewer

Her extraordinary roles in famous shows Orange Is the New Black and The Handmaid’s Tale prove the 26-year-old has the wit, the skill, and the heart.  More than her acting prowess, Madeline Brewer said that: “With the platform I have, I need to be raising the voices of other people who may be screaming very loud, but no one can hear them.  As women, we need to be allies for other women.” Brewer is keen in upholding the values of organizations that she strongly supports like Equality Now and Planned Parenthood.