Women of Belfast Rugby After Assault Case



South Belfast was alive with protesters this weekend as Women’s rights activist demonstrated outside of Ulster Rugby’s grounds in South Belfast. Their message to the association was that they should stamp out misogyny. The protest took place right by the entrance of Kingspan Stadium on Friday when they were about to face off against the Ospreys. So why exactly are they protesting this team?

On the 28th of March Ulster players Patty Jackson and Stuart Olding were acquitted of assaulting a woman back in 2016. Despite being acquitted Mr. Jackson, Mr. Olding and Mr. Gilroy are being subjected to eternal review.

Kellie Turtle of the Belfast Feminist Network said that Ulster Rugby has a duty to stamp out this kind of behavior. The protest had garnered responses from all parts of the UK. a 42-year-old woman at the game said, “Fair play to the protesters. I don’t even know how the Ulster review would resolve all this. There are so many strands to it now. It’s difficult to explain to my son about why the women are protesting.”

Dan Hollington stated in an interview, “It’s such a regrettable incident, the whole thing. I know inevitably sport is political, but it’s best to keep things on pitch. It’s a shame for the club it’s been so divisive. I think it’s a shame for this on top. But people are entitled to express opinions. Anything to reduce misogyny in sport or facet of life is great, so I support it.”

Some fan walking into the arena passed the protesters stated that they understood the protesters, but that it wouldn’t stop them from supporting their team. Some people believed that it wasn’t proper for the protesters to even be there. The two players were found innocent and were cleared of all charges held against them