Emmerdale to Feature an All-Female Episode for International Women’s Day 2019


Emmerdale is set to highlight a special episode with an all-female cast on International Women’s Day in 2019.


One of the UK’s longest-running TV soap opera will feature a meaningful event in the history of television as it has announced its plans of an “almost an entirely female crew”, with female writers, producers.  The first of its kind episode is slated to air on March 8, in celebration of the global recognition of women achievements.


Jane Hudson, Emmerdale’s executive producer,  is “excited” and “proud” to be doing this project that features a team of talented and dedicated women.


“It is International Women’s Day, so what we want to do for that episode is to have it produced by a female, written by a female, directed by a female, and the entire cast will be female, including all the background artists,” she said.


Emmerdale, a British soap opera was first broadcasted in October 1972 and is centered on the story of a Yorkshire family.  The soap’s past episodes were highly controversial due to its thrilling and emotional storylines as it tackled various social issues like murder, sexual assault, and fraud, among many others.