Gloria Steinem Teams up with Lipstick Lobby to Help Incarcerated Women


Gloria Steinem, the celebrated feminist leader known for her campaigns against inequality recently dropped her latest crusade in the form of a black tube.

Steinem known for not wearing lipstick teamed up with social justice beauty brand Lipstick Lobby to launch a glossy lipbalm named In the Clear.  Interestingly, 100% of the proceeds of the Vit. E balm will support the unPrison Project, a female-run non-profit organization that provides female inmates literacy programs and trainings and preparing them for life after jail.

“We must address the problems as we see it—incarcerated women have the odds stacked up against them and do not have the resources to provide for themselves and their families or to get the help they need. I chose the name ‘In The Clear’ because it speaks to the accessibility of this product—clear is universal and wearable for anyone and everyone who wants to make an impact. It also speaks to the fact these women now have a full, free life ahead of them. We all have a right to feel ‘in the clear’ regardless of our past, ” Steinem said about her product.

This collaboration of Steinem, Lipstick Lobby and the unPrison Project will contribute to the lives of female prisoners in meaningful ways considering that the incarceration rates of women have been steadily increasing for decades.  With reported issues on mental health, substance abuse and physical and sexual assaults, female prisoners really need stronger alliance than ever. The black tube, when sold in thousands and hopefully to millions can go a long, long way.