Iranian Protester Who Removed Headscarf Hasn’t Been Seen


Iran has always been known for its strict modesty laws which prevent women from openly exposing their hair, amongst other things we’d consider the norm. Last month, in a form of protest, a young woman climb upon a telephone utility box, pulled off her headscarf, put it on a stick and waved it back and forth.

The act of defiance was caught on video by man onlookers. Many people in the west wouldn’t make much of the video. Her movements aren’t rapid and she doesn’t look threatening in any way, shape or form.

The days that have passed, the young lady has been declared as missing. The mystery protester has become a social media frenzy as people are hashtagging #Where_Is_She. He hashtag is a symbol against Iran’s harsh laws prohibiting freedom of expression.

Nearly a month has passed and just as things were starting to calm, interest about the young women became stronger than ever as Nasrin Sotoudeh, Iran’s most popular human rights lawyer went to social media with the whereabouts of the young woman. She had apparently been arrested on December 27th, the day of her protest. She was released briefly, but then arrested again.

Sotoudeh has reported that they woman was a 31-year-old mother. In her cell, the woman currently doesn’t even know if she has been tried or not. Street peddlers, kiosk owner and people who lived in in the area of her protest said that she was at it for over an hour until she was arrested and forcibly removed from the streets.

Her protest didn’t go without out inspiring change. She has since moved both men and women. She is now being seeing as a symbol of resistance. No doubt her protest will spark many more to take a stand against the governments tyranical laws.