Kathua and Unnao Assault Sparks Protest


A massive 72-hour protest took place on the streets on the streets of Patna this week as women gathered to protest the gang assault on the young ladies that go by the names of Kathua and Unnao, two girls who were attacked by multiple men. Police investigations have proved to be shotty as they didn’t so much as lift a finger to find the men who assaulted the women. This led the people to take matters into their own hands.

That said, women of all ages, some even grandmothers have taken to the streets for a 72-hour protest. They are doing it for not only Kathua and Unnao, but for all the women who have been harmed and ignored throughout the years. This isn’t even just marching with signs and shouting into microphones, these women were fasting for the entire weekend.

Male activist did their part by acting as security and assisting the starving women anyway that they could. The fast was put together by Bihar Women’s Network. The protest got underway on the 17th of April and ended on the 20th. It started at 6:10PM under the shade of Father of the Nation at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.

Sadly, the protest has gotten very little media coverage across the nation and there are many reasons for this. One of the reasons was the Bihar media who blocked the news out. After that it was only possible to hear about it via the British Daily. They brought the news to other regions in India, but not in Patna.

News of this protest and of the attackers has been badly handled. This of course was one of the main reasons for the protest. Assault happens in India and although it doesn’t happen on the same level as it does in some countries, it often goes without an angry public eye. These protest weren’t just for the particular case surrounding these two girls, it was about the state of the nation in general.