#MeToo Inspires Russian Women


Last year women in America stood up and took to their computers where they left tweets stating “ #MeToo.” Last year it was America, today it is Russia. Despite Russian women always appearing to have control over any situation, they have also had their brushes with assault. Students from Moscow are starting to speak up about it.

Dana Bilder, a 19-year-old journalism student from Moscow spoke up about the hardships faced by women everywhere. “I think if there’s a real problem, and, as a woman, you’re insulted by harassment, then you shouldn’t be quiet about it. You have to speak up right away.” She stated this while sitting in a very trendy cafe.

Most girls feel the same across the country. Most wouldn’t guess this in the west, but women in Russia are ruling the country. Women are way more likely to go to college over their male counterparts. They also have most of the higher positions in the office. That said, there is still no law concerning sexual harassment. Plus traditional values concerning the sexes still plays a huge part in the country.

That said, change isn’t far off. Russian girls who are fed up with these ways are standing up, logging onto twitter and saying #MeToo. Alena Popova had this to say about the #MeToo movement. “After people read that there’s a huge number of victims of violence among their acquaintances, they started to think about the topic of violence differently. The question of sexual harassment is a little bit more challenging because of victim blaming and the shame that victims feel,” she added. “But I think that the more women begin to talk about this, the situation will change.”