Military Roles in the British Armed Forces Are Now Open to Women


The UK military opens its doors to women who wish to apply for all military roles in Royal Marines, frontline infantry and SAS.

Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Defence made the announcement during a land power demonstration in Wiltshire.


“We constantly have to evolve and change and that’s what we’re doing today … It’s vital that we give everyone in this country the opportunity to join our armed forces and play a full and proper role. We’ve seen in so many conflicts around the world the role women can play and this is why we are opening it up,” said Williamson.


Williamson also announced that the selection for women who wish to work in the Royal Marines will commence before the end of the year and training courses are slated to start early next year at the training center of Royal Marines Commando in Lympstone, Devon.


When asked if women had killer instincts, Williamson, a father of two girls, believe that women can accomplish anything. “If they want to join the army, navy or air force I want them to have every opportunity to take any role in any of those services,” he said.


This move of the government is significant in recognizing the abilities of women who wish to serve their country.  More so, opening the gates in the British Armed Forces for female military roles is a great opportunity to showcase their strength, wit, and confidence in helping their country, the people and their families.