Simone Biles Dominate Gymnastics World Championships Despite Kidney Stone


Simone Biles prove that nothing can stop her from being a world champion, not even a kidney stone.

Less than 24 hours before the 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the superstar gymnast had a trip to an emergency room.  Instead of getting worried and withdrawing from the prestigious event for a removal of the stone found in her kidney, she opted to perform flawlessly with grace and strength.

“We will deal with it after world championships! fingers crossed it stays okay!!!,” she tweeted.

The result- she was declared “the highest overall ranking among the female gymnasts” at the world championship and helped the United States team to land the number one spot.

The superwoman that she is, Biles exuded amazing strength and positivity.  What she did was beyond incredible and she just reminded everyone especially women that a world-class talent knows no limitations and pain.  Girl power that is!

“She’s Simone, you’d expect the same out of a Michael Jordan or a Tiger Woods, and that’s who she is in our sport. And she showed it,” said U.S. high performance coordinator Tom Forster.

We couldn’t agree more with Forster.  Simone is Simone and her innate superpowers and positive attitude make her star shine brighter.