Streets in the Netherlands Are Renamed to Honor Women


The feminist group De Bovengrondse Streets renamed streets throughout the Netherlands following an alarming research that revealed 88% of roads in big cities bears men’s names.

The social movement took an inspiration from a news website De Correspondent, that showed only 12% of streets in Utrecht,  Amsterdam, and Groningen carry women’s names. The campaign website of the activists bears a powerful and provoking message that read:  “Street names are an overview of who our society decides to honour, and that is why we think it is time to change these relationships. What would it be like if more people literally felt at home with the name of a strong woman?”

Although the new unofficial street names include Dutch resistance fighter Marie Anne Tellegen, British mathematician Ada Lovelace, and Beyonce, described as a modern famous icon who has “made feminism and the position of Afro-Americans an explicit subject of her work”.

You may ask, “What is the purpose of this initiative?”  The answer is pretty clear and obvious. To pay tribute to women who have made significant changes in history- women who epitomize enormous strengths, confidence and skills in different fields.

And to know that the uplifting campaign has its gentle way of putting the new street names under the existing ones to highlight their main goal: that the society will highly consider venerated women when naming streets.  

When the street signs become official, respect and love are redefined in a positive and thoughtful means.  And that change is welcomed with grateful hearts.