How Women Can Boost Their Self-Confidence


With the many roles that we play on a daily basis, we end up being wagged out and dog-tired.  No matter the exhaustion, we could all lift ourselves and squeeze in some pick-me-up to boost our confidence.  


Research reveals that engaging in an outdoor exercise results in a significant increase in your self-esteem.  When we exercise, we release a hormone called endorphins which analgesic effect relaxes our mind and body.


Put on some music

Did you know that music is soothing to one’s soul?  Yes, per a scientific study, the wonders of music are as powerful in boosting our mental wellness and physical health.


Wear something black or red

Power dressing need not be grand.  Just a stylish hairstyle or a chic accessory can reveal our mood and personality.  More so, wearing certain colors can fuel your confidence particularly the colors black and red.  When either of these classic favorites is worn, you easily feel more beautiful, smarter and more confident.



Meditation exercises like yoga allow one to focus on her inner self and her environment.  As it enables us to relax and fight our anxiety and fears, doing meditation also raises our score in confidence.  


Practice self-affirmations

Pen your self-affirmations and post it on wall or cell phone and read it before you start your day.  This way you’ll be reminded how amazing and gifted you are as a person, child, partner, colleague, neighbor, and leader.  Calm yourself with this inspiring mantra “I am beautiful. I am kind. I am passionate. I am excellent. I am wonderful.  I am loved. I am bold. I am fabulous.”