How You Can Reduce Stress at Work


I admit sometimes I’m on the verge of quitting my job because of the daily challenges and pressures it brings.  However, I always remind myself why and how I am seated in a private office furnished with the tools and equipment that I need to inspire my team to better their best and I couldn’t be prouder of what I have become.

Yes, I am lucky to have conquered the corporate world but the problem is I cannot escape stress.  Whenever anxiety and worries build in my system, I transform to be the sluggish and irritable beast.  Many thanks to my colleagues/friends whose tenure in the stress world helped me to get out of my funk with these helpful tips:  

Identify your triggers

To take control of your emotions and to resolve your dispute with stress, it is important that you identify the triggers.  It could be a dissatisfied client or your boss’s anger that aggravated the situation. Either way, you’ll be able to understand why you are stressed and from there you’ll know how to manage them.

Step back and reflect

When I get overwhelmed with stressful things, I use my small breaks in work by getting some fresh air in the building’s mini garden and take some much-needed deep breaths.  That way I can focus on using my energy for a good use instead of complaining and throwing tantrums like a child.

Maintain healthy relationships among your coworkers

We all need a strong support system in the workplace and the key to achieving such is by connecting with our colleagues.  Yes, healthy and happy relationships reduce stress as a positive environment boosts your self-confidence and increases your productivity.

Have enough sleep

You may be loaded with papers and meetings but never compromise your sleep time.  Nothing beats a good night rest with at least 7 hours of sleep. As such, you’ll wake up refreshed and energized for new office battles in the day.