These Women Running for Office Have Meaningful Plans for Your Health


The approaching midterm elections on November 6 is crucial to America as every vote can break or make the country.  With the recent controversies hounding the U.S.- Kavanaugh’s appointment being the most rewarded with protests and headlines, it is high time that we act responsibly by casting our votes.  As such, check these people running for office whose platforms particularly in women’s health are but meaningful.


Rashida Tlaib

Palestinian-American politician and lawyer Rashida Tlaib is running for Congress in Michigan’s 13th District. The mother of two started her political career in 2004 as an intern in State Representative Steve Tobocman’s office.  Aside from being a known supporter of the Medicare-for-all program, Tlaib is a known proponent of  Detroit’s public health by ensuring financial support to let the public avail free community health clinics.


Stacey Abrams

With a strong lineup of supporters like President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams has a great chance of becoming the first Black female governor in America. If elected, she plans to protect women’s right to select mental health services and fund these facilities.  More so, the American lawyer and novelist aims to expand Medicaid in Georgia.

Lupe Valdez

Following her over a decade of service as sheriff of Dallas County, Texas, Lupe Valdez is set to serve the state as a governor. If she wins, Valdez would become the first Latina and first openly gay governor. Her health care plan is focused on making medical care widely accessible and available.

Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley is expected to win the Congressional seat for Massachusetts’ seventh district since she does not have a Republican challenge.  Once elected, Pressley is set to prioritize health care among her other significant programs. She supports Medicare-for-all and is a staunch advocate of health care availability for the LGBTQ community.