How to Manage Pressure According to Nancy Kerrigan


For former figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, the pressures we experience from peers, work and school are not far from what she had experienced as an athlete.  While we strive hard to please our family, friends, teachers and coaches, the pressure in doing so builds up and often takes a toll on our mental and physical health.  Here are practical tips on how to handle pressure the Nancy Kerrigan way:


Find your passion

Nothing feels great than doing something that you really love.  To follow your heart’s calling will surely bring out the best in you.  Take it from the decorated skater who never gets tired of pursuing her passion. “I absolutely love skating. It is why I still do it today. The speed, the performing, the crowd interaction, the physical exertion… It all makes me feel good and always has,” Kerrigan said.


Keep your focus

According to Nancy Kerrigan, “You have to be able to drown out the distractions because they are everywhere and come in all forms.” While confusions and worries are constants on our daily lives, we must not allow them to distract us.  They are just noises waiting to be heard and seen but as long as we keep our focus, we’ll shine at our best.

Find people you can trust

It’s hard to keep people whom you can really rely on the ups and downs of your life.  Per Nancy, finding people you can trust is “tricky.” When you’re at the height of your success, you are surrounded with a lot of friends and supporters but when you’re struggling with adversities, you barely see those people.  Only at your darkest phase in life that you will know who’s with you in the battle of life.