How Did Iceland Become the Best Place for Women


Iceland maybe the best place to be a woman. The country wasn’t simply created to be equal, it took a lot of work to make it that way. In fact, if you look back to 1975, the country probably looked a lot like any other country at the time. It was a male centered. They had the final say, the higher pay and the bulk of societies respect. Icelandic women discovered early that they didn’t have to live in such a manner. They stood up for their rights.

The date was October 24th, 1975. It was on this date that the women of Iceland refused to do work. They didn’t show up to the office, didn’t clean up around the house and didn’t even take care of their own children. It was a day of complete strike. It was led by no small group either, we’re talking 90% of the country’s women. They did this for the respect of their opposites, the men.

This day was forever known as “women’s day off”. The country had to shut down on this day. Most forms of entertainment around the city weren’t open, father’s had to take their children to work on that day and you could even hear children playing in the background of the daily newscast.

This moment is looked upon as a defining moment in the struggle for women’s equality. It was only five years after the day that Iceland became the first country to ever vote a woman the head of state. That woman was Vigdis Finnbogadottir. She was a divorced mother with a 2-year-old at the time of her election, but it didn’t stop her. Furthermore, her election shaped the future for the women of Iceland.

Today Iceland is known as the best place in the world for women, yet according to them the struggle is still on. They are still fighting for women’s rights as even over there things are not completely equal yet.